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Āwhina (te reo Māori) To care, assist, help and support. A place to be held in the journey of transformation.

Āwhina is a holistic wellness brand that enables people to achieve balance in their life. Kayla Gordine, the founder of Āwhina, is a trainer, presenter and international fitness model. Being so immersed in the fitness community, Kayla quickly became aware of the imbalance in the people around her – going too hard at the gym, working extreme hours and ultimately, struggling to find balance. Kayla saw an opportunity to help. And so, Āwhina was born.

The brief was to develop an identity that reflected and connected to it’s founder, Kayla. It was essential that the brand was empowering and inclusive, sitting between the ‘active fitness’ world and the ’wellness’ space.

The Āwhina wordmark is a custom designed mark. The letterforms are inspired by the shapes and movement of the body, reflecting a balance of strength and softness. The subtly displaced imagery communicates the journey through the past, present and future.

It metaphorically communicates a journey through life, and literally communicates movement by showing the flow of the body.

The resulting brand offers a fresh approach to the wellness space. The shapes are graceful, yet confident. The colours are earthy, yet bold. The imagery is elegant, yet strong. Āwhina is balance.

Āwhina is the space in between – a space to exist in the present moment.

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