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Touch it, feel it, read it, keep it. Experience paper’s interdimensional properties with Touchy Feely.

Touchy Feely is an A6 promotional booklet designed to showcase the paper stock ‘Rives’ by Arjowiggins. The Rives range includes subtle felt marked finishes inspired by fashion and fabrics. B&F Papers house four ranges: Rives Laid, Rives Design, Rives Linear and Rives Tradition.

The brief was to promote the Rives range in a unique and creative way, and to highlight Rives Laid – their newest stock from the Rives collection. The Touchy Feely promotion targets creatives, design studios and printers. Traditionally, Rives would be a go-to for corporate stationery and wedding invites. We saw an opportunity to appeal to larger audience and reimagine the stock’s potential.

We created a publication containing 20 original artworks using the stock specifications as content for each. Working closely with our print partner, Logick Print, we used multiple processes including offset print, 4 colour process, double hit black, fluoros, multiple spot colours, hot foil stamping, embossing and blind embossing.

The spine is soft glued so that the pages can be pulled out and enjoyed as individual artworks, or as a complete set. The promotion showcases the beauty and intricacy of the paper textures and how they can be combined with innovative printing techniques to demonstrate the paper’s true versatility.

BF Fuman TF 2
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As a result, Touchy Feely positions the Rives range as the perfect stock for all of one’s luxury print needs. By playing with the senses, we were able to catch the viewer’s attention and encourage them to look a little bit closer and appreciate the beauty and tactility of the stock.

Additionally, it serves as a resource tool for printers and creative studios alike. Our intention was to create a piece that would be cherished and kept, as opposed to being discarded after it’s initial viewing. This has given the promotion longevity far beyond a short-lived promotional piece.