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Arotahi provides their clients the services to buy, sell, value or advise the best use of their agribusiness properties throughout New Zealand.

We created a distinctive, modern and boutique brand identity and positioning for them, to appeal to their high value corporate clients.

The premium brand identity echoes Arotahi’s connection to the land, pulling inspiration from the strong and majestic landscapes of New Zealand. We drew inspiration from the natural forces that form and shape the land’s contours — forces that are contrasting yet harmonious, changeable yet permanent, moving yet still, flowing yet symmetrical.

Māori regard the land, soil and water as taonga (treasures) and people of the land are the kaitiaki (guardians) of these taonga. These brand reflects how these values are acknowledged and respected by Arotahi and inform how they operate in the agribusiness space — thinking long-term, with a clear focus, looking to the bigger picture to ensure the land’s sustainability.

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