Snakefire BA 01

The hot sauce world is filled with brands offering a modern, often cliched take on Mexican and South American cultures, filtered through a pop cultural lens.

We wanted to reach back to something earlier and more authentic. The Snakefire brand is earthy and timeless, an homage to the ritual and ceremony of Aztec culture.

Our goal was to redefine what hot sauce means to a meal. Snakefire hot sauce isn’t an afterthought added to food: it’s a central part of the ritual of nourishment, of celebrating life and rejecting death.

The brand channels a sense of something ancient and earthy, with simple graphics referencing the pictographic style of Aztec carvings, and colours and textures that reference nature and the sauce’s own ingredients.

Beyond the bottle and labels, we developed a brand photography style that spoke to timeless rituals, physical and spiritual nourishment and a sense of ancient secrets, partially revealed.

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