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Touch it, feel it, read it, keep it. Experience paper’s interdimensional properties with Touchy Feely.

B&F Papers wanted to promote the Rives paper range, and in particular highlight Rives Laid – their newest stock from the Rives collection.

We created a publication, Touchy Feely, containing 20 original artworks that use the stock specifications as content. The book’s spine is soft glued so that the pages can be pulled out and enjoyed as individual artworks, or as a complete set. It showcases the beauty and intricacy of the paper textures and how they can be combined with innovative printing techniques to demonstrate the paper’s true versatility.

Touchy Feely positions the Rives range as the perfect stock for all of one’s luxury print needs. By playing with the senses, we were able to catch the viewer’s attention, showcasing the beauty and tactility of
the stock.

Additionally, it serves as a resource tool for printers and creative studios alike. This has given this promotion a longevity for B&F far beyond that of most promotional pieces.

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